Max Jann

A passionate, resourceful, and diligent software engineer.

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Jann Software

I have a bachelor's degree from UCSC in philosophy and a certificate of achievement from Coding Dojo. I'm currently learning Unreal Engine. Now available:

I like to play chess and I teach chess to elementary school students. I have worked hard on getting my rating past certain milestones like 2000.

2134 ELO Chess Rating

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2,110,583 Energy Points on khanacademy


The first A.I. App I built wasMewthree. I also built OneDate which is the same concept of getting a ChatGPT response back from user input, but to schedule a date instead of describing a pokemon battle.

Unreal Cloudland

Currently I've working with Unreal Engine 5 to build games. View Demo Here. This is a screenshot from my latest demo of a third person game. I'm also building a new First Person Shooter game with the Shock Rifle Mechanics from Unreal Tournament 2004, and I'm revising the game "I am Ghost" which I originally designed in Unity.


The first thing I wanted to build after bootcamp. My own version of facebook. This app is also no longer live on the internet but has a video demo available showing how it was fully functional. Getting people to actually use it is a different beast altogether.

First Person Shooter 10

My first iteration of a first person shooter game I built from the ground up. I've always wanted to make a first person shooter. This game is still available to play but I'm currently remaking it in Unreal Engine for better graphics.


Austin TX


+1 (805) 940-5096